Health Summit in action

part of The mission and vision of health Summit is building a health and wellness community And that Is why they have Partnered with connect4acure non-profit and Sierra Motorcycle club in creating a place that’s safe for people to come and know who to connect with, regarding health and fitness, who to be encouraged by, and who to walk out illness, and health problems with, and how to stay healthy. It’s also about healing and understanding how to partner with God for your health, and what the Bible says about health. 

This is a community that will be ongoing with a hope to spread city to city, which is why we want to help the community of paradise to rebuild, repair, restore and to share love with them in the name of Jesus.

We don’t want people to submit to the voices that bring defeat and confusion rather we hope they will listen for the voice of truth from God as he speaks with clarity. his voice brings peace as it carries his presence, which ushers in health.

We can’t wait to share love and hope as Sierra Nevada Motorcycle Club goes into the community of paradise And deliver a vehicle, along with donations that the Health summit has collected. this won’t stop with a one time trip to PARADISE.

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