Catherine Alesci

Catherine is a gifted teacher and is especially polished at speaking in front of large or small groups. Her most recent job in that field was at Heald Institute of Business and Technology for 4 years. Then after 20+ years of keeping up with Technology she decided to, once again, change careers. She landed a fun and rewarding job doing event planning for Ministry Leadership Center, a training organization that developed leaders in Catholic Health Systems. She worked for MLC for 8 years before moving into the role of Reservation Specialist at Whitewater Excitement, Inc. 

Catherine is very transparent regarding her recent struggle with weight loss. She has always found it easy to gain but because of her activity level in the past it had been manageable. But then the schedule of work and home life did not allow her the luxury of attending enough exercise classes to offset her calorie intake. She has internally and externally fought the battle of being obese. That word is so harsh-it does not reflect her personality or spiritual walk with Jesus. She has learned that people treat you differently based on your external appearance. Catherine has walked through much shame and humility and is in the process of discovering how she can love and accept herself regardless of her body size.

The message she would like to communicate to all women regardless of shape and size is that you can honor your body, and love yourself, because the resource comes from receiving the love God has for you on your journey to wellness - Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and lastly Physically. So stop beating yourself up! Come to an event where you can glean wisdom and inspiration from the awesome women that have been handpicked to inspire and encourage you.

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