Kassy Clifford

She later attended Institute of Integrative Nutrition and received her Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certificate. It was there that Kassy learned that nutrition is SO much more than the food we eat. In order for our bodys to be healthy we must pay attention to the inside just as much as the outside. Healthy nutrition means balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She believes that one diet does NOT fit all. We are all different and run on a different frequency. One person’s medicine is another’s poison. Kassy specializes in transforming old recipe favorites into nutrient dense, refined sugar and flour free creations. She cooks with only the best organic, local, sustainable, and non-refined ingredients.

In addition to teaching cooking classes, Kassy specializes in coaching individuals and families who want to change their diets and lifestyles. You can view Kassy's website at www.completehealthwithkassy.com

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