Temple Tough


God gave me a vision on an airplane this summer, He showed me a type of workout that is COMPLETE. Movement for the BODY, EMOTIONS, MIND, AND SPIRIT. I saw many working out in this way, a daily routine that includes the ‘WHOLE BODY” A HOLISTIC METHOD THAT WAS HIS TRUE DESIGN FOR US from the very beginning.

I believe we as women are being called to get up, stand up and move up, and in order to do this we need our PHYSICAL HEALTH, and this truly comes from within. The HEALTH SUMMIT 2019 Freedom movement is a three day adventure that will bring healing, health, activation of identity, and a plan for WELLNESS like you have never seen before. This Summit will build a community of support that will be powerful in the years to come for each woman who attends. You will get plugged in to a beautiful Community that can offer support for your continued health and wellness. We are going to have so much fun, we will get healed, delivered, moved, soak in His presence, and activate identity, and we will have some amazing workouts! Get Temple Tough, God has BIG things ahead, explosive and bold…its time for health, time for your temple to be the true home of the True and living God! Our TEAM is ready to encourage you and love you. You will take your life to the next level with a better understanding of how to move in YOUR BEST HEALTH.

Linda Brown